Hardly visible through the myriad of bougainvillea and Queen Palms, this amazing innovation in architecture gave way to the opulence of the 1980s: mirrors, granite, french doors. You know what I’m talking about! Thankfully behind all the cosmetic alterations, there was still the architectural marvel envisioned by the architect.


By contrast, the late 1950s was a time of great optimism and limitless possibilities. The Boeing 707 was the first successful passenger jetliner that entered commercial service in 1958 and one year later this Krisel Alexander was built. Both of these innovations in air travel and architecture ushered in, not only the jet age in commercial travel but equally as important a sense of leisure and freedom.



With this in mind, we set out to respectfully renovate every surface and upgrade every system, all while honoring the architectural integrity of the home including thoughtful additions of a dining room, master bath and decorative block wall. Located in Vista Las Palmas, one of Palm Springs’ finest neighborhoods, this mid-century modern home is sited perfectly with a south facing back yard with both south and west mountain views. And while its delicate roofline and clerestory windows are a nod to the architect’s original vision, the interiors offer modern day luxurious comforts for today’s living. Although we can never turn the clock back completely, perhaps in some small way, this can allow us to return to the optimism of a time gone by.